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20 Nov

Top 3 Free Tools To Study Competitors On Social Media


Presence on social media is no longer a matter of choice for organisations in today’s digitally-connected world. Rather, it has become a necessary requirement for them to meet, so as to survive and thrive in this competitive landscape.

With almost each and every organisation including social media into its marketing mix, competition for visibility, attention of the target audience and market share has intensified among brands across a number of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others, to a great degree.

While some organisations are thriving amid tough competition by setting clear goals, using the appropriate social media platforms, implementing well-thought strategy for each of the chosen channels and analysing the results to improve future performance, there are other competing brands that do not seem to be gaining much ground, mainly, due to their lack of understanding about the world of social media.

One of the ways to enhance understanding of any particular industry or domain is looking into the actions or strategies of the successful rivals and comparing against their overall performance. Taking a cue from it, non-performing brands can also benchmark their social media performance against that of their competing rivals to learn how they could use social media as a means of achieving their corporate goals in the best possible manner.

In this article, we shall discuss 3 free tools that can help the non-performing brands bring up their level of social media performance to the required standard by way of benchmarking against their rivals’ performance.

Fanpage Karma


Fanpage Karma is a great online tool that was founded in 2012 with a view to providing social media managers with insights into ‘posting strategies’ through the analysis of their competitors’ social media profiles along with their own.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are the platforms that are scanned by this wonderful tool to produce meaningful data that, in turn, allow for better engagement with fans and followers.

You could avail yourself of the free version of Fanpage Karma that offers complete 90-day analysis for one fan page, a basic dashboard showing comparisons with any number of competitors and weekly reports and alerts.

The comparative analytics offered by the free plan highlights a number of metrics, including but not limited to user engagement, growth in the number of fans, most-used content sources & keywords, top posts, frequency, best times for posting, best and least engaging posts, and influencers. When presented in graphical formats, these comparative metrics showing data from rival firms act as an eye-opener and can be very helpful in raising the level of any brand’s social media performance to a great extent.

In short, Fanpage Karma is what you must try out to see a glimpse of how your brand compares against other competing brands on social media, what your page’s strengths and weaknesses are, what types of content your brand should post, how often and when the various types of content should be posted, and what not.

If you feel that the free version offered by Fanpage Karma is limited in its scope, you could scroll through the list of its paid plans as well as the features that each plan offers and pick out the plan that best meets the needs of your brand.



Klear is another social media analytics product that can help your brand keep up with other competing brands across three platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With the free version of the product, you can access meaningful insights, such as influential topics, top performing content, close network, audience demographics and much more, about your brand’s rivals across the three above-mentioned platforms.

In addition to keeping an eye on the counterparts, Klear can help unlock the list of relevant and reachable influencers who your brand can connect with in order to expand its overall reach.  With the free plan, a list of 10 influencers in multiple categories (e.g. celebrities, power users, casual etc.) will be generated by Klear after you have searched for them by skill and/or location. In order to see more results, you will have to switch over to the pro plan from the free one.

Overall, Klear is a great resource for building a list of relevant influencers and examining the profiles of competing brands across the three platforms. The dashboard generated for any profile by Klear is visually appealing and easy to understand, and the audience analysis tools are worth appreciating, for these tools dig deeper into the audience to assess their overall quality or usefulness.



LikeAlyzer is a free tool that is dedicated to improving a brand’s performance on Facebook.

With this tool being at your disposal, you could get to know what’s working and what’s not working for both your own brand and other competing brands on Facebook.

Unlike Fanpage Karma, this particular tool does not display side-by-side comparison. But, you could easily take the screenshots of the insightful dashboards generated by LikeAlyzer for your brand as well as the rival brands and combine them all into one document to produce a meaningful comparison with a view to addressing the areas of concerns and bringing the level of Facebook marketing up to the required standard.

The dashboard produced by LikeAlyzer for any Facebook brand displays ranking for the same that could range between 1 and 100. The ranking is based on a number of metrics that are believed to be important in relation to Facebook marketing by LikeAlyzer. These metrics include but are not limited to total number of likes, growth in the number of likes, PTAT (people talking about this), engagement rate, number of posts per day, types of posts (video, image or link), length of posts, timing of posts, hashtags and posts by fans. Each of the metrics appearing on the dashboard is stamped with either a green check mark or a red X mark, indicating its overall strength or weakness for the brand in question.

After analysing all the important metrics, LikeAlyzer offers important suggestions to improve the health of the brand’s Facebook page, and you must pay utmost attention to such recommendations for your brand’s page as well as the rivals’ if you want your brand to thrive in the Facebook arena.

In addition to the above-mentioned metrics, the dashboard demonstrates the average score of the industry (relevant to the brand) and average score of other similar brands, thereby giving an overview of how the brand’s Facebook page ranks in relation to those of its counterparts in the industry.

The overview of competition should give your brand enough motivation to check on the profiles of its competitors on LikeAlyzer and gather useful insights into what types of content to post and when to post, with a view to spurring maximum engagement and improving the overall presence on Facebook.

In short, whether you want to increase interaction with existing and potential fans, or obtain a candid feedback on areas for improvement, or get insights into competitors’ performance on Facebook, LikeAlyzer is the tool you must resort to.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned free tools would help you carry out detailed competitive analysis across a number of social media platforms and produce meaningful insights that will translate into enriched understanding of rival brands and their social media strategies which, in turn, will result in stronger social media presence of your brand.

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