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28 May

5 Free Facebook Apps That Can Turn Your Sleeping Fans Into Engaged Ones!


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Facebook..Does it need any introduction in today’s digital era? I guess not. A social networking platform with more than 1.23 billion registered users must be already well-known across the world.

Because of its whopping number of registered users (i.e. almost one fifth of the world population), Facebook has become a social media platform that is central to the marketing strategy of almost every business across the globe.

Unlike traditional means of advertisement such as Television, Radio, Newspaper etc., Facebook has turned out to be a very cost-effective means of reaching target audience. It is a platform using which many businesses and brands have been able to create enormous brand awareness amongst their target audience that, in turn, has resulted in increased market share for such businesses.

While a large number of businesses adore Facebook for great business results, few B2C businesses condemn Facebook for not being able to reap any benefit for them. The question which such few businesses need to consider is if they have made use of available Web Apps on Facebook to add more utility to their Facebook page for their fans. Simply put, businesses or anyone trying to promote ideas, products and services need to customize their Facebook page using Apps to make it more engaging for their fans.

This article would run you though some free Facebook Apps which you can incorporate into your Facebook page to make it more meaningful and interesting for your fans.

Youtube Tab

Youtube-Tab-App-Digital Escalator International
Youtube is the most popular video site on the internet. Hence, many entrepreneurs or businesses make use of Youtube to reach out to their target audience to promote their ideas or products or services. Imagine what would happen if your Facebook fans could watch all of your Youtube videos on Facebook itself? Obviously, the multiplying effect would take place. The Facebook fans would engage with your brand more by being able to like, share and comment on your Youtube videos.

Youtube Tab App would let you do exactly the same. Using this app, you can integrate your Youtube page into your Facebook fan page, thereby allowing your Facebook fans to better engage with your brand.  After installing this easy-to-use app on your Facebook page, you could customize it to meet the specific needs of your brand.

Static HTML:iFrame Tabs

Static-HTML-IFRAME-TABS-App-Digital Escalator International
Used by more than a million users, Static HTML iFrame App provides you with the ability to create customized iFrame tabs on your Facebook page for free. With the help of HTML experts, you can create your unique tab to provide your fans or potential clients a great deal of experience in relation to your brand on Facebook.

Tweet Feed For Pages

Tweet-Feed-For-Pages-App-Digital Escalator International
This free App lets you create a tab on your Facebook page for a Twitter account (related to your brand). You can choose to show only selected tweets to your Facebook fans by applying hashtag or search term filter. It also gives an opportunity for your Facebook fans to be your followers on Twitter, thereby expanding your reach in the Twitter world.

Instagram Feed Tab For Pages

Instagram-Feed-Tab-For-Pages-Digital Escalator International
You can incorporate another free app called Instagram Tab into your Facebook page to display gallery view of your Instagram content. Using this easy-to-use app, you can show either all of the photos using individual username of any Instagram account or selected photos using any specific Hashtag. Like ‘Tweet Feed For Pages’ App, ‘Instagram Tab’ App also gives your fans a chance to be your followers on your brand’s Instagram account.

Pinterest Page App

Pinterest-Page-App-Digital Escalator International
Are you trying to gain followers on the Pinterest account for your brand? How about introducing your Facebook fans to your pins and pin boards on your brand’s Pinterest account via Facebook itself? Do you reckon it would help? Many businesses say that it would. In fact, most of the businesses have availed themselves of this free App that helped them increase their number of followers on Pinterest and enhance level of engagement with their fans on Facebook simultaneously. Installation of this app is absolutely free and easy.

Hopefully, the aforementioned apps would add value to your Facebook Fan page and reap visible benefits for your business or brand.
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