Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a type of direct marketing that establishes contact with existing and prospective clients via electronic mail. Digital Escalator International has rich experience in delivering various marketing messages to targeted subscribers of various brands via structured and systematic process of email marketing.

The process includes data capture and subscriber segmentation, email design and delivery, and measurement-cum-reporting. As a result of sound email-marketing process in place, our team of skilled email marketing specialists has been able to deliver high open rates, high click-through rates and high conversions to our clients consistently.

Please see below to gain more clarity on the email marketing process that we use diligently:

Data Capture and Segmentation: This is the first step of email marketing process. It requires us to collate lists of subscribers from various sources such as CRM or customer database or marketing events etc.  After we have captured data (such as name, email etc.) about subscribers, we go ahead and segment the data into sub-segments in consultation with you so as to be able to create the most targeted email campaigns.

Design and Delivery: The second step requires you to focus on creation/design of email campaigns. A number of factors, including layout, structure, design, content, call-to-action etc., have to be thought through before any email campaign is launched.

We stick to best practice guidelines regarding compliance and deliverability without cutting down on creativity even a bit. Your message is designed by our creative designers in such a way that your targeted subscribers find it impossible to not engage with your brand.

Whether you are using in-house CMS or other third-party email clients for broadcasting purposes, we can design and create eye-catchy and engaging email templates that deliver results.

Measurement and Reporting: The last step involves measurement of how well recipients have responded to an email campaign, and reporting of key outcomes of the campaign to the client. Our report depicts a number of key aspects related to your campaign, including delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and other parameters. Such detailed report certainly provides a strong basis for improvement in future email campaigns.

In our opinion, email marketing works the best when it is implemented as part of integrated digital marketing campaign. Our team of email marketing specialists can help you increase both brand awareness and conversions by creating personalized and targeted email campaigns for your brand. Hence, do not hesitate to write to us if you have any query or requirement in relation to email marketing.