Online Reputation Management

The downside of living in a digital era is that you have very little control over how you appear to others in the web world. Online Reputation Management, also known as corporate/brand reputation management, is a means of dealing with perceptions related to a business or an individual in the online world that spans across social media channels, other web networking sites and search engine results pages.

Have you ever wanted to get rid of negative reviews about your business posted online by unhappy customers? Have you had any personal or professional history which you would not want others to notice in the online arena?

With the masses resorting to internet to run a background check on individuals or businesses in order to ascertain their credibility, it has become very crucial for you or your business to manage reputation in the online world.

Online reputation managers at Digital Escalator International are well-equipped to help you or your entity with online makeovers. They are able to do so by promoting positive content that reflects your brand’s desired image online. Such kind of consistent promotion automatically suppresses negative search results about the brand. In this way, we give you maximum control possible over what others would view about your brand in the internet world.

Our process of managing reputation is as follows:

  1. We promote existing positive content about your brand on the internet.
  2. We create and promote ‘new content and social media profiles’.
  3. We actively engage with stakeholders across various web platforms, including forums, blogs, social media etc. on your behalf and shape the dialogues in favour of your brand. All the negative reviews are dealt with in the best possible way by our online reputation managers.

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