Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a form of advertising within search engine results whereby the advertiser only pays to the publisher when a user clicks on an ad. By using Pay-Per-Click advertisement, you can increase engagement with targeted online users and convert those users into buyers after they arrive at your landing page.

Pay Per Click could be said to be a very cost-effective and targeted form of advertisement that can help your business get immediate access to its target market and fill the gap when your website pages are not ranking on the first page of search engines organically.

Over a period of time, Digital Escalator has helped many of its clients set up and run successful PPC campaigns that have resulted in increased sales, reduced per-unit advertisement cost and improved return on investment. Our analysts are well-equipped with sound knowledge to work on your PPC campaigns across Google Adwords and Bing Ads (Yahoo!Bing Network) and deliver results for your business.

The success of any campaign lies in the process that our certified PPC analysts follow at Digital Escalator. We start with defining goals for your PPC campaign that could range from increasing click-through rate to increasing engagement to increasing conversions. After goals have been defined, our team of analysts goes on to do keyword research in order to find out the most appropriate keywords that need to be targeted to invite quality traffic to your website.

Thereafter, we move on to build your campaign architecture so as to manage and optimize your campaign smoothly. If your campaign architecture is set up well, you could notice improved campaign performance in the form of lower cost-per-click and higher quality score eventually.

Afterwards, our analysts focus on drafting compelling and concise ad copies that offer clear call-to-action because ad copies are crucial to success of any PPC campaign.

Our PPC analysts also focus on enhancing the quality of your landing page and making it more relevant to the targeted search terms as relevant landing pages fetch you better quality score that results in reduced cost-per-click.  We also invest a lot of time into devising robust strategy around targeting, bidding and scheduling which certainly helps improve return on your investment.

In the end, we look at a number of key performance indicators including click-through rate, conversion rate, and average cost-per-click to measure and improve the effectiveness of your overall campaign.

Robust knowledge about Google Adwords and Bing Ads combined with experienced PPC professionals make us the obvious choice for many businesses that are considering launching PPC campaigns to boost their sales and visibility in the digital world.