Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the most important aspect of digital marketing that enhances organic visibility of any website on search engines. With higher ranking and visibility across search platforms, websites are able to attract more and more visitors that are considering buying its products or services.

At Digital Escalator, we have a team of highly analytical and experienced SEO experts who have been helping businesses achieve increased sales, profitability and cost-efficiency by following our effective SEO process over a long period of time.

Digital Escalator’s Search Engine Optimisation process revolves around keyword strategy, site architecture, content optimisation, link-building, and reporting. To start with, our SEO experts investigate your competitors’ websites to understand their SEO strategy. Thereafter, our experts go on to devise an effective keyword strategy that is specific to your website. Simultaneously, our site architecture team digs into your site’s HTML coding and draws strategy around how to make the structure of your website friendlier for both customers and search engines.

After the structural issues with your website have been sorted out, our SEO experts go on to pen down content strategy whereby SEO content, relevant to your target audience, around targeted keywords is developed with a view to driving relevant visitors’ traffic to your website.

Close on the heels of ‘content strategy’ comes link-building activities that our SEO experts engage in so as to enhance the credibility and visibility of your site on search engines. In addition to internal links, our link-building team gives due attention to inbound links and works with techniques ranging from ‘directory submission’ to ‘online press releases’ to ‘article syndication’ to ‘social bookmarking’.

The last stage of our SEO process is reporting whereby we offer analytics reporting and keyword ranking analysis as per your needs. For most of the clients, reporting is done on monthly basis.

The whole SEO process ensures that your business goals ranging from branding to increased profitability are achieved through higher ranking of your website across various search platforms.