Personal Branding Via Social Media

Are you someone who aspires to reach the height of career faster and sooner?

Are you someone who is looking to reach and engage with people that matter to you for professional growth?

Are you someone who wants to share any unique vision with masses with a view to attracting great deal of followers?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the aforementioned questions, you should proceed further and read the following.

Personal Branding is a way for individuals, entrepreneurs and politicians to establish their credibility in the eyes of their target audience by exhibiting their unique and distinguishing core competencies across various platforms through consistent and engaging messages, so that they could carve out their niches in this competitive world.

Digital Escalator team recognises and understands how important it is for sports, entertainment, business and political figures to engage with their target audience, and rolls out its ‘Personal Branding’ service across various social media channels to help these people achieve their individual goals ranging from ‘building reputation and credibility’ to ‘boosting self-confidence’ to ‘advancing career prospects’.

A ‘Personal Branding’ campaign, at Digital Escalator, starts with thorough situation analysis whereby your competitive position with respect to ‘Personal Branding’ is evaluated against peers in your sector across various social media platforms.

Thereafter, market research is carried out using search and social tools in order to gather information about the channels where people are already talking about you, the style and tone of their communication, various profiles of already-engaged audience etc.

Afterwards, inputs from analysis and market research are coordinated seamlessly to create targeted and engaging content. The graphic-rich pieces of content help create your brand image by highlighting the specific and distinguishing values that you offer to your target audience in a consistent manner.

Digital Escalator analysts also monitor the conversations around you on a number of social media channels using various social and analytics tools regularly, and shape the dialogues in your favour in a tactful manner. The whole process around ‘Personal Branding’ followed by a team of well-trained and experienced professionals, here at Digital Escalator, ensures that your voice reaches the right set of people at the right time across the most relevant social media channels and that many of those people engage well.

Following are the channels that we use for personal branding:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest