Creating a copy for the web is not as easy as it may seem from a distance. In order to produce a succinct, engaging and keyword-rich copy for the web-world, one needs to have clear sense of message-hierarchies, search engine optimization techniques and eye-catching design.

Copywriters at Digital Escalator International are well-groomed to compose copies that reflect key brand messages, and are able to drive conversions.

Digital Escalator International offers the following copywriting solutions to its clients:

Auditing Existing Websites: We go through your existing website and judge its content against the following parameters:

  • Tone Of Voice
  • Content Structure
  • Key Conversion Points
  • Brand Values

After a thorough analysis of your website, we produce a meaningful report for you to look at. The report will guide you to make such changes that are directly linked to conversions. You can either make the required changes on your own or let us handle the implementation of required changes on your behalf. This report will prove to be beneficial to you if you are mulling over website usability study.

Composing and Editing New Website Copy: Our well-trained copywriters understand that conversions are what eventually matter for any website to succeed. Hence, they resort to effective content optimization strategy and link-building strategy so as to drive maximum conversions for your new website.

Tone Of Voice For Your Brand: We, at Digital Escalator International, understand that every brand has its own set of characteristics that need to be instilled into the brains of its target audience for better brand positioning. Therefore, we identify such typical characteristics for your brand and include those into the tone of voice used across the web.

Composing And Improving Email Copy: Digital Escalator International has rich experience in email marketing. Therefore, we understand that compelling, engaging, targeted and tested content for email communications results in high click-through rate which, in turn, results in high conversion rate. So, you can rely on us if you are looking for someone to produce result-oriented copy for your email campaign.

Social Media: We have significant level of expertise in social media marketing. Hence, we understand how crucial it is for you to manage your social media communications in order to realise various business objectives in today’s digital era. If done properly, social media messages can help you reap a number of benefits, including brand awareness, lead generation, product research etc. However, all your social media efforts might inflict heavy damage on your reputation when done badly. We would like to work with you in devising a clear, coherent, relevant and concise content strategy that can produce fruitful outcomes across various social media channels for your brand.