Website Designing

It is needless to say that the world is turning digital at a very fast pace. If you are a business that does not have an online presence yet, you might lose out a big chunk of profitability to your counterparts that do enjoy presence over internet.

Whether you are a small organisation or a large one, our team comprising of graphic and website designers, and developers can help you gain the much needed online presence so as to let your business enjoy greater profitability through its expanded online reach.

Digital Escalator believes that any website should be designed for its users. Hence, our designers keep user-friendliness in mind all the time while working on any website design project.

Digital Escalator Designers put together their immense creativity, their ability to understand clients’ requirements and their commercial awareness to give rise to compelling and engaging website designs that undoubtedly offer return on investment.

Unlike many of its competitors, Digital Escalator does everything in-house, right from ‘domain registration’ to ‘hosting’ to ‘designing logos’ to ‘sourcing images’ to ‘designing layout’ to ‘programming and development’.

Our designers and developers are able to simply create any kind of website, be it a content management system site or dating site or property search site or e-commerce site. If you are on the lookout for a creative, responsive and feature-rich website, you have halted at the right place as Digital Escalator can deliver exactly what you need.

We have also noticed that many companies had their websites created long time back, but those websites were experiencing high bounce rates because of lack of responsiveness and visual appeal. Digital Escalator can help redesign such websites, and make those aesthetically pleasing and responsive using browser-friendly technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3.0. After such websites are redesigned, you can expect these to load faster and become as aesthetic on phones and tablets as those are on a laptop or desktop.

We have catered to the website design needs of many companies from various parts of the world so far, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and India. All the companies, whether small or large, have benefited from the aesthetic-cum-responsive websites (created by our creative team of designers and developers) in the form of reduced bounce rate, higher engagement rate, and higher conversion rate.

Below given process would apprise you of the way we work with clients on various website design projects:

  • The client gets in touch with detailed description of the desired website
  • Based on the requirements of the client, we give an estimated price to the client.
  • Once the client agrees to the price, we proceed further and do the following:
    1. Register domain name of client’s choice.
    2. Set up a web hosting account if required.
    3. Produce initial design and layout concepts online.
  • Once the client is pleased with any design concept, we will start working towards the same by creating required pages and programming the same.
  • After the website is ready and approved by the client, it will be loaded on to the designated web hosting account.